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Eyelash Extensionsin and around London
Eyelash Extensions in and around London

Eyelash Extensions in and around London

Here at Lash2Lashes - Eyelash extension specialists - we offer a selection of extensions for your lashes, to give a range of looks, depending on the occasion so check out looks to decide which look it is you are after.Every lash is applied individually to give you a perfect full set of lashes.

Starting from as little as £40.00

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Eyelash Extensions

Get stunning eyelash extensions; London, Hounslow, Richmond and Twickenham

Here at lash2lashes, you can rest assured you will receive a professional and friendly eyelash extensions service. We have a huge collection of lashes to meet all your needs!

“Tricia has been doing my lashes since June last year….I am totally addicted! ​​She is very professional and does a fab job everytime.​Would highly recommend using Lash2Lashes!” – Elizabeth Stringer (London)

lash2lashes we offer a selection of eyelash extensions for your lashes, to give a range of looks, depending on the occasion so check out looks to decide which look it is you are after.

The procedure to apply eyelash extensions is very simple. Every lash is applied individually with lots of care and perfection.

We believe in working with excellence, not in a hurry.

You can trust us for any kind of eyelash extension requirements. Call or text on 07896156290 or book an appointment today using our book a call back form!

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Eyelash Aftercare

7239ee_6521548bf6d55bba86dfa9a697498c1fOnce your eyelashes have been made beautiful, you’ll need to have them maintained to ensure they stay looking beautiful. An average natural look eyelash cycle means that one to five of your eyelashes fall out on a daily basis, and your extensions can fall with them.

Note: You will require infills every two/three weeks to keep your eyelashes looking fabulous.

During the first 24 hours after your eyelash application, it is wise to avoid as much activity that could damage your lash extensions whilst they bond to your natural eyelashes. To extend their life, it is advisable not to wash your eyes or get large amounts of water in them, as well as a restriction on using saunas and steam rooms, swimming, tanning and touching your eyelashes as little as possible.

Your new lashes don’t need you to completely change your routine – but it is worth considering their fragile state if put under too much stress, you will last a lot longer if you avoid touching them and wearing excessive mascara or oil-based eye make up, as these can damage the extensions. You no longer need to wear mascara (the eyelash extensions provide all the benefits of lash darkness and thickness!), but if you choose to, be sure to use water soluble mascara.

On the day – You will have a full consultation so we can achieve the look you are looking for.

Eyelash Extension Looks

Take a look at the different types of eyelash extensions available, and their prices.

Consultation: FREE (15-30 mins)
Removal: £10- £15

Mascara/Natural Look

There’s no need to apply mascara every day, wake up looking good with thicker, curlier eyelashes every day, with these natural looking lashes. 45 minute application of lashes.

Glamorous Look

As above but even thicker, fuller eyelashes – the first thing your friends will see when they look at you. Get the party look day and night. 75 minute application of lashes.

Diva Set

The fullest, thickest and most glamorous of them all. if your not shy to stand out then this set is great for you. Look glamorous day and night. 90 minute application of lashes.

Express set/Holiday Set

These lashes are applied qucik and fast. perfect for holidays or special occassions. this set achieves a strip look affect so very full and thick and will last from 2-3 weeks. 30 minute application of lashes.

Bottom Lashes

Small fine lashes are applied to the bottom lashes to achieve a mascara look or thicker look depending on what you are trying to achieve. they last around 2-3 weeks. 20 minute application of lashes.

Silk Lash Set

Silk eyelash extensions give you the most natural look and are no doubt the best eyelash extensions available and are popular with celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian. *

*A full set of silk lashes will achieve a beautiful full feathery look. please ask for these on booking as they will need to be ordered in specially.

Our Gallery

Have a look through out gallery of our happy customer. You can get a great idea of what to expect. You can call or text on 07896156290. email on: or book an appointment today using our book a call back form!!